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Welcome to Fairy Magic, Byron Bay Australia.

At Fairy Magic we make Fairy Wings, Angel Wings, Pixie Faerie Wings, Butterfly Wings, Fairy Dresses, Fairy Dressups, Fairy Dresses for flower girls, Flower head garlands, Tiaras, Mermaid Dolls & everything else for the little Princess! read more... read more

Australian orders cost only $10 for delivery.

Looking to be a wholesaler or distributor? Register here ($300 minimum order, worldwide).

Have you ever been tempted to delve into the magical dominion of fairies? If you answered “yes”, you’re among the 54% of people who believe in the existence of pixies, sprites, leprechauns, and fairies, and the 80% who are not ready to reject the possibility that they may sometimes be nearby.  These noble people, known as faeries, have been around forever, and at Fairy Magic, we love the idea of bringing them into our world and yours.

Think of us as messengers between the kingdom of fairy folk and human types because that’s how we see ourselves, and that’s why we create some of the most beautiful costumes you’ll find anywhere, with everything you need to honor the presence of these supernatural creatures.

Transform your wedding or party into something extraordinary. Social fairies were often seen singing, dancing, and feasting, so they’re just right for your celebratory event.  Fairy costumes and wings are used by dancers, festival, new age and alternative performers, and specialty troupes. Whether you’re partial to mine fairies, lake or mountain fairies, or you simply want to be a household fairy, we have what you need to resemble one of the fair folk.

Fairy Magic will bring you into the world of fairies with everything from traditional and classic old world wings that emulate the most elaborate of these exquisite creatures to modern versions of twinkling changelings full of music and mirth that will inspire and delight any child.

Visit our continually updated collection of unique pieces, all made with you in mind so you can entertain, amuse, or simply bring merriment and beauty to your world. (25% of people say they’ve actually seen fairies, so we have a pretty good idea of what they wore!)

Join those who feel a sense of calm fascination that sparks images of legends and stories of old, when other worldly creatures roamed freely and unobtrusively.

We offer the highest quality construction as one of the hallmarks of our line in a family friendly environment so you can shop comfortably. We pay great attention to details so your costume will have the authentic look of all those beguiling and lovely beings that stir in the realm of fairies, including angels, mermaids, butterflies, and pixies.

Now you can get everything you need in one location. Most of our designs are unique and we carry an enchanting assortment of wings, dresses, costumes, and accessories that will encourage you to use your imagination. So whether you’re searching for gear for a dance performance, theme party, wedding, showcase, holiday, parade, festival, or theater production, we can help you put together a complete costume or help you choose wings or other accessories to complement your theme.

Let us be your quick reference guide to the world of fairy attire. Make a child’s fantasies come true or select a spellbinding outfit for yourself and create memories that will last a lifetime. Our wings, wands, tiaras and headpieces, dolls, hair accessories, bags, feathers, dream catchers, mobiles, and more are all designed and made with consistent sizing and high quality materials, creating exceptional value at the best prices year round.

The ideals of beauty are different for everyone. At Fairy Magic, you’ll find an unexpected fresh way of seeing it that will both captivate and entice you. We’re passionate about what we do and our collections reflect that with new designs and current styles included in the archives of traditional fairy garb. Our in-stock inventory will be shipped to you quickly.

We’re delighted you’ve entered our fairy kingdom. It’s open to all and we love hearing about your passion for chasing fairies. You don’t need to wait for Halloween. We’re here all year long to answer questions and help you get what you need so your fairy experience is an extraordinary one. Share the magic. “Love Us” on Facebook, Tweet us to your fairy friendly group, and pin us on Pinterest.

And may all your fairy dreams come true.

Business Opportunity. We are looking for stockists and distributors all over the world. Wholesale orders welcome.  Minimum order is $300.

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