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About Us

Lisa Noersadi has been creating wings and  costumes  since 1975 when she made some glittered organza butterfly wings for a school production.  In 1992 Lisa started Fairy Magic and was one of the first companies to make fairy wings and supply the world with unique creations. Back in those days the fairy phonomenan was just beginning.  She had never seen any fairy products on the market and had to start from researching what a fairy would wear, and what accessories fairies would need.  She now specializes in all aspects of Fairy costumes, Mermaid, Angels, Lady Beetles, Bats, Wizards.

It became a lifetime of passion and joy to supply The fairy shops, the  craze became one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, with one new shop opening every week.  It opened up a whole new industry for cottage craft industry and all sorts of beautiful creations followed.

Lisa has always strived to create the upper quality items and you can see this by her beautiful work. The wings have appeared in Movies, Magazines, TV Commercials and many many promotions, weddings, concerts and parties.

Let Your Spirits Fly

People who believe in fairies say the little people are immortal creatures who bring joy and love to the world, especially in times of great change, and can make your wishes come true.

Byron Bay's very own Queen of the Fairies, Lisa Noersadi, has been making fairy wings and paraphenalia for 10 years. Last year alone, she exported 10,000 pairs of wings!

She says fairies are making their presence felt in the Age of Aquarius, bringing their gifts of abundance and magic to everyone who believes in them.

"People these days want to believe in magic. Fairies are not just for children alone", says Lisa.

"There are all sorts of fairies - elves, trolls, garden and flower fairies and leprechauns. Wherever someone creates a special garden, somewhere green and filled with beautiful flowers and plants, the fairies will come.

"When I was eight, I found fairies in my garden" says Lisa.

"I didn't actually seen them, I just felt them around me.

"As a child, I love to pick flowers, and I could sense their presence.

"But some people actually see them, especially early in the morning when the garden sparkles. If you see a pair of shimmering wings, they belong to a fairy."

"People need to remember their dreams, their fantasies.

"If you don't believe in these things any more, then life becomes very ordinary. Fairies bring magic into the lives of everyone who recognises their existence.

Fairies make wishes come true according to Lisa. She says that writing a fairy wish list is the best way to make miracles happen.

"You just have to ask", she insists. "Keep the list with you until your wishes come true. Fairies are about abundance, and you'll be surprised at the results."

Making a special place just for fairies also helps.

"Everyone can grow a garden somewhere", she says. "Even if it's very tiny. Create something colourful for them, a place where you can touch plants, pick flowers, watch things grow. If you really want to see a fairy, sit still. Breathe, be in nature as much as you can. Feel their presence.

"The more beautiful your garden, the more fairies will come".

Interview by Sue Arnold Women's Day April 2000