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Halloween Costumes

Black Bat Wings Large Purple Glitter

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A sinister and mean looking pair of glittery black bat wings that will allow your costume acquire its most dramatic look this Halloween. A superbly crafted pair of lightweight wings, that impress with their look, as much as with their great design.


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The dark skies and the slowly rising translucence of the moon in the skies, the sound of the flapping wings and one would know that the bat is out to hunt its prey. Batwings have always been one of the easiest accessories to add more drama to the nocturnal theme parties and to make the effort all the more fun is this pair of batwings. This pair spans 55 cm across, large enough to be worn by teens and adults. Sturdy in design and easy to wear, and easier to move around they will make the costume come alive. This stocking wing is light but has been structured in a manner that it retains its shape as the material can withstand the stress of movement. Play the evil witch or any nocturnal creature of your choice, and you are sure to send a few shivers down the spine with the glittery magic of this pair of batwings.

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