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Dreamcatcher Keyring

4 out of 5 stars (1)
from $3.00

A thread, bead and feather handcrafted marvel that keeps alive the faith in the spiritual strengths of our ancestors. An eye catching charm to have with you at all times or it would also be a lovely gift for a friend. Its colour options will make it you want to pick one for yourself right away.


Option Availability:
blue lilac pink purple turquoise white

The beadwork in this handmade dream catcher actually is riveting in its design and pattern as well as the colour combinations in blue, lilac, purple, pink, white and turquoise. The threading of the ring is intricate as is the manner in which the coloured beads have been neatly strung together to create the web like centre which is where traditionally to catch bad dream and the good ones get filtered into our world. The pretty feather hangings coordinate beautifully with the colours of the beads and the thread wrapping that covers the basic ring structure. Whether for yourself or to gift to your friend, this dream catcher will surely get you some serious attention owing much to its tradition of being a good luck charm as also for its neat symbolism.

4 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Good thoughts

    I gave these to everyone in my office and it seems to have put them in good spirits. I have mine hanging from my keyring, it keeps me having good dreams and good thoughts through the day. Great little gifts for work buddies. love ya stuff

    By: Sophia D on | Was this helpful?   (149/129)
    Staff Reply
    Thanks for your feedback. Enjoy
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