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Fairy Wings Large Custom Colours

5 out of 5 stars (1)

A work of art, these large 70 cm spanning wings are the last word in great designing and absolute beauty. The lightweight metal framed iridescent looking fairy wings are a marvellous accessory for both adult and children and the fairy factory has been famed for its production for years.


Fairy wings is one of those indispensable accessories that make any fairy themed dressing come alive. These large 70cm x60 cm wings are created from a lightweight metal covered with nylon fabric that gives it a iridescent appearance. It is further embellished with spirals of glitter forming a beautiful pattern that catches the light as if magically. Sturdy yet light the wings may be worn easily as the straps sit snugly across the arms. The wings have been constructed in manner that it does not feel rigid or too ungainly allowing body movements - a necessary quality needed for those who wear it for plays or other more active costume needs. These wings are available in some scintillating colour combinations like pink - sliver, blue lime or purple gold and may even be custom made for you as some costumes need just that little bit of detailing.
5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Stunning wings!!

    Such beautiful wings for special occasions!!! loved my wedding wings they were stunning. I also wore a pink pair for my belly blessing, gorgeous fairy mumma wings. Love the magic they bring to everyone. Thank you

    By: Emma on | Was this helpful?   (119/101)
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