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Feather Boa

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The greatest of utility items for any dress - up, stage performance or celebration - the feather boas in the colours both soothing and electrifying will add a tremendous punch to your dramatic appearance.


Option Availability:
feather +$1 feather tinsel +$1 marabou
Light Blue
Light Pink
Candy Pink
Hot Pink

Accessories add bundles of attitude to an ordinary dress immediately bringing the personality into focus. A feather boa is one such accessory that pitches style to the highest note. These feather boas maybe bought in a variety of colours from softest of shades to the more warm tropical colours complimenting many styles of dressing and many different backdrops - a perfect pick for costume dramas, school presentations and parties that demand some special dressing, as in the case of theme parties and the likes. The feathers are all natural thus comfortable to wear and are secured well having been constructed with care. The feather density is such that it looks supremely luxurious and opulent. These feather boas come in variants such as thick feather, feather with tinsel for that glittery look and the thin maribou boa - each with their distinctive effect on your dress and look.
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