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Huge Butterfly Wings Black Blue

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A work of art, these handmade black blue wings is one of the finest pair that Fairy Magic offers to its prized customers. It encapsulates all that the brand has to offer in terms of superiors design and great looks incomparable to any other pair of wings. A must for those looking to give their costume a dramatic makeover.


The huge black and blue wings spanning 45 inches in height and 40 inches in width are a product of Fairy Magic's renowned expertise in fabricating professional quality wings that are best suited for stage presentations. Their classic beauty comes alive under the arc lights as the glorious design and the detailing in their flawlessness catches your attention. The black and blue wings have a light weight but sturdy frame and an iridescent coloured fabric covers it that has been worked on with glittery patterns on both sides. The blue in the wings glows with a luminosity that contrasts vividly with the black that creates a swirl of patterns on the edges which makes this pair all the more stunningly attractive. Worn for magic themed presentation this is bound to give the costume an edge and a dramatic overplay of colour. The finish is with marabou feather and satin ribboned tuft at the back. Easy to wear it can be slipped on over the shoulders and will not make movement too much of trouble owing much to its lightweight material and superior design that has kept this element of wearability in focus.
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