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Fairy Wings

Huge Butterfly Wings Black Pink

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The drama of real butterfly wings is recreated in this gorgeously designed pair of wings that boasts not just of great design and detail but also wearing comfort and durability unsurpassed. A great buy for those looking to embellish their costume with an extraordinary accessory item.


The most striking part about this extraordinary set of wings are the gorgeous colours that make it look exotic , vibrant and bold in its appearance. A huge pair of butterfly wings that span 45 inches in height and go across 40 inches making them most suitable for stage presentations and professional costumes. The detailing and the material used is perfectly chosen and finished to superior standards that Fairy Magic wings are traditionally known to have mastered. The myriad colours like red, purple, blue and pink blend in to give these wings its exclusive colour effect. It maybe worn for musicals, theatrical use of any kind, or on the ramp. A great buy for any professional use on stage or for the camera as the wings are truly flawless even under the harsh scrutiny of the camera or stage lights. It can be worn with ease and is lightweight enough to be kept on for a long stage presence. The material and the frame chosen so as to make movement easy for those who have to keep them on for long.
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