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Jewel Fairy Dust Bag

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A soft satin dust bag in soothing colors that helps accessorize a little girl's dream collection with the ability to house all her dream needs, that keep expanding as her collection grows.


This drawstring satin pouch is an instant pick for all those girls who like adding and expanding on their little fairy collection. Made from the softest of fabric and available in soothing shades that dreams are made of, the pouch can be the little hiding place for all her magical secrets. A snowflake pattern adorns the front with its glittering beauty and the bottom edging is that of teardrop beads. A light fabric and easy to pull on drawstring makes it simple for little girls to handle with ease. Apart from housing the magical dust, it would fit in perfectly as an accessory for a party dress or even as a confetti bag that your darling could carry for the next wedding you attend. Would works great as a gift for your little one or as a party favour. In all an imaginative piece of accessory that will make her smile each time she reaches out for some more magic fairy dust.
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