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Organza Butterfly Wings 60cm Pretty Colours

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The mystical magical butterfly in all its royal regalia of glittering organza, and wings in colours of your dreams - strap them on your back or that of your darling to give a theme costume its best highlight.


The wing span can only be called magnificent - this 60 cm organza gorgeous winged creature regales you with its absolute beauty. It comes with its delicate hand crafted perfection and an embellished glittering look that is simply magical. Lightweight yet sturdy enough to with stand the rigors of a costume party it will blend in beautifully with fairy costumes, as a large wall d�cor on walls at butterfly theme parties and also work to provide a simple dress a much needed dramatic twist. The elastic bands that keep it securely in place are soft and do not bite into the skin while the entire look of the piece can make the mundane look extraordinarily beautiful and special.

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