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Pearl Crystal Heart Tiara Veil

5 out of 5 stars (1)
from $15.00

Looming above the crown of the head, this tiara lends regal grace to any costume, be it bridal, fairy or princess. It's a just match for those moments of special beauty and grace, highlighted in the resplendence of this tiara veil's handcrafted perfection.


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This tiara is made of pearl beads and high quality organza flowers placed daintily over its wired shape, giving this tiara cum veil a look of absolute fantasy. The rainbow crystals are placed in clusters all along with the organza flowers to give better definition and beauty to this piece. Worn causally with a simple birthday dress or as part of a costume party, it is bound to lend a look of delicate beauty and amazing gracefulness. The veil is fastened to the back of the band and is made of soft and delicate organza highlighted by beads and crystals to finish it off perfectly. A must have for all little girls who like to dress up in such fantasy land clothes and a great buy for those wanting something special for their fairy outfit in particular.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Hens Party

    Again , Thankyou so much for everything you sent to me for my big hens party. its all perfect. hoot hoot. Beccy

    By: Beccy on | Was this helpful?   (109/104)
    Staff Reply
    Thanks again, hope it all goes well.
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