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Pearl Flower Tiara Veil

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A tiara veil that comes with expert craftsmanship blending in pearl beads and flowers that are beautifully woven together to create an elegant headdress. A great pick for all those girls wanting to embellish their party dress or their fairy costume with a special something.


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A great piece of craftsmanship - this tiara veil brings together thin strands of pearls interwoven and cleverly interspersed with silk flowers in its 15 cm length - thus giving the tiara a look which is elaborate yet delicately feminine. The colours on offer are soft pink and white that are usually the ones that blend in quite well with most costumes. The tiara comes with a net veil attached at the back. The pinning of the tiara needs to be done with sliding pins which is of no trouble as the material is lightweight and will cause no discomfort. The curved row of glowing pearls and the shine of silk flowers are magical in their complete effect. A great buy for all who need a costume accessory.

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