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Fairy Wings

Pink Rhapsody Fairy Wings

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The happiness of owning the Pink Rhapsody wings for becoming a fairy from the land of magic and fantasy can be truly be summarized as a rhapsody of beauty and grace. The Pink Rhapsody wings accessorize in a way that will elevate the look of the costume many notches higher. A perfect pick for those wanting magical good looks combined with ease of wearing.


The Pink Rhapsody wings are suitable for fairies, butterflies or princesses alike. Made from a sturdy yet lightweight material its highlight really is its all pink colour that is truly feminine and magically beautiful. The handcrafted design made from sequins and beads have been individually worked on which gives each pair of wings its very own unique feel. The pattern on it replicates the typical spider web design that will make this pair suitable for dragonfly or butterfly costumes as well. The 57 cm wing span and the 28 cm height of the wings make it impressively large yet not too cumbersome to wear. It can be worn over the shoulders with ease and sits snugly on the back like backpack.
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