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Angel Costumes

Rainbow Wings And Halo

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A set of halo and wings that takes you immediately into the realm of fantasy. The rainbow coloured wings and the halo are easy to wear, exotic in looks and a great way to make your costume look dramatically different.


Fantasy land knows no bar when it comes to imaginative use of colours. Here is a set that makes you want to explore that place of fanciful dreams. These wings are designed from rainbow coloured feathers that are neatly trimmed and arranged in manner that the colours create a brilliant splash. The halo is made of dyed marabou feathers and can be worn across the forehead. The wings can be worn with great ease across the shoulders and are not just easy to wear but also lightweight enough to be worn for a longer durations of time. The feathers used for the wings are trimmed and coloured to correctly represent the glory of a rainbow. When worn with a costume it will immediately add the zest of colours and oodles of style like no other accessory can. A great choice for those wanting something truly different for their fantasyland costume.

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