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Fairy Wings

Titania Custom Fairy Wings

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Inspired by the lovely Titania from Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's dream, the Titania wings are indeed an inspired piece of art that are carefully produced under strict quality instructions designed by the ace fairy wings specialist Lisa Noersadi. Custom made to suit needs of photographers, TV productions, models and theater artists, these wings are popular for all kinds professional use.


The width of the Titania Custom Fairy wings pan out to about 90 cm and the height is about 85. These gorgeously designed wings are a masterly stroke of designing genius with just the right amounts of structural detailing like the six panels into which it has been divided to create the right kind of overlapping and three dimensional effect. This is also another reason why ballet dancers and actors prefer its design style that allows movements to be more agile and fluid. The colours glow with the right kind of tints and glitter highlights on both sides of the wings. The iridescent glow of the fabric and colours, and the manner in which the wings sit snugly on the back like a backpack - all of these qualities make this the finest pair of professional accessory. The merging of colours ranging from blue to lilac and combinations of blue green and lilac and silver and white look breathtaking under the arc lights of the stage as well in photographs.
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