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Angel Costumes

"Kind words are the music of the world, as if they were some angel's song." Glittering, sparkling rainbows and mystical magical halos, that is what angels are all about. If you're a little human angel (or even a grown-up angel), and you're fascinated by all the things angels stand for, you'll love the angel costumes we make at Fairy Magic in Byron Bay.

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Being an angel does not come with an instruction book, but there are instructions for being an angel that have been handed down through eons of Heavenly folk. If you're an angel, you probably know them. If you're new or studying to be an angel, we'll share a few instructions with you here.
• Being an angel means you're kind to others as a way of saying thank you to God for all your blessings.
• Don't hold by the philosophies of men, but keep love as your only philosophy.
• Use a gentle breeze, a drop of rain, a falling leaf, or a snowflake to kiss the cheek of a human.
And for us humans, here are some ways to see angels in your everyday life.
• You must listen for the flutter of their wings with your heart, not your ears.
• You will notice they have been present only after they are gone.
• When you see a baby looking into the beyond, you can be sure he's looking at an angel, and the imaginary playmates of children are very likely their guardian angels.
So how do you know which angel costume is the right one for you? At Fairy Magic, we've been making costumes for more than two decades, and we have a pretty good idea which direction to send you in. Ask any of our staff to guide you through making a selection.
• All sizes are standard and consistent so ordering multiples or reordering will not be a problem.
• Angel costumes can be purchased complete or you can order a skirt and top, and then add wings, wands, crowns, halos, jewels and other accessories which can all be part of an angel costume.
• We have long and short skirts with tulle overlays, satin petal overlays, handkerchief hems or petal hems, straight or pointed hems, or full dresses.
• Costumes come in children's and adult sizes.
• Satin, tulle, fur, sequins, beads, and feathers make our costumes glitter and stand out in quality.
Dressing up as an angel can be enjoyable for Halloween, festivals, theme parties or as part of your wedding ensemble. Picture yourself, your bridesmaids, and your flower girl dressed in wings and halos! You'll be in white and the others can represent the rainbow of colors!
Children around the world see angels everywhere. It's only as we grow up that we begin to rationalize them away, believing in good luck or coincidence rather than heavenly guardians.
At Fairy Magic, our passion for creating wings and costumes began with our fascination with fairies and extended logically to all magical and supernatural creatures, including angels. Let us help you select what you need for your dance troupe, theater production, wedding, or party. You'll be amazed at how this will come together and how much conversation will revolve around your costumes! Choose from your favorite colors and let our Angel Guide help you with that as well as the different types of angels, their wings, and what each type of angel are known to do.
• For children's costumes, shirred elastic helps create a great fit.
• Ask about our sizing and how to take your measurement to get the best fit.
We can help you coordinate colors for something as elaborate as a wedding, or as simple as matching a piece you may already own. Our accessories and costumes are manufactured with quality materials and attention to details, so let us help you with whatever you need, whether it's a full costume or just some suggestions for accessories to complete your outfit.
Like us, Pin us, Tweet us and spread the word. Fairy Magic is the place!

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