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Angel Wings

"Angels keep their ancient places, turn a stone and start a wing. It's you and your estranged faces that miss the many-splendored thing." Are angels making a comeback? They've never left. We've been making wings, halos, and costumes for 24 years so we know that it's important to you to get just the right outfit or accessory to suit your feelings about these mystic creatures. ... read more... read more

Most people around the world accept that angels are from Heaven, and we are living in a time of increased interest in these heavenly beings. The Wall Street Journal carried an article about people who have been helped by guardian angels and the effect that experience had on their lives, but did you know that there are several orders of angels and each one has a specific function in the universe, with some relating directly to humans?
Find what you need for costumed events such as weddings and theme parties, children's recitals, theater groups, doll making, decorating, or just a little something for yourself to brighten your day.
Let us help make your shopping experience easy and educational. If you're not sure which type of angel you most closely relate to, here's a quick look at the hierarchy order of angels and what each does.
• Seraphim - Angels of love and light, and the closest to God; they have 6 wings and are associated with the color white
• Cherubim - They perform God's great tasks on Earth and have 4 wings
• Thrones or Ophanim - These are the angels of justice and cosmic order who are said to sparkle like brass
• Dominations or Hashmallim - They are said to hold the task of managing lower angels; they wear long gowns with golden belts and carry a sceptre, orb, or golden staff.
• Virtues or Makalim, Tarshishim - These are the angels of miracles and edification
• Powers - These maintain the border between Heaven and Earth; they are believed to guide our transition to Heaven
• Principalities - These protect the mortal world directly; they wear soldiers' uniforms with golden girdles
• Archangels - These minister directly to humans and are in charge of spiritual warfare
• Angels/Guardian Angels/Angel Guides -These guard over individual humans and households, subtly directing us away from harm; their eyes are bent on us from birth to death; they protect us from extreme danger and send us warning messages in the form of intuition.
If you're still not sure which angel you want to honor, let us guide you through the angel realm. We'll help you with suggestions for wings, halos, costumes, colors, and sizes so you can represent your inspiration in "angelic" fashion.
Angels help us to:
• Rediscover and awaken our relationship with the source of all things
• Focus on the blessings that our Angel guides have helped us see
• Find the right words to give thanks for our blessings through prayer
• Be grateful for all the good things that surround us
• Show compassion to those less fortunate than ourselves
• Express and see love in unexpected ways throughout the day in family, friends, and strangers
• Maintain a positive attitude and outlook
Use our wings for all sorts of occasions including outfitting your wedding party, dance or theater group, fashion show, or theme party.
• Look for wings that are large for Archangels and Guardian Angels.
• Look for smaller wings in multiples for Seraphs and Cherubs.
• Choose doll size wings to decorate or string over tables, to enhance tablescapes and place settings, or to embellish bed nets
Our rainbow wings are made from colored feathers that are individually hand dyed with 8 different colors, and we can make almost any wing in any color.
• Choose a pair of custom wings to suit your event theme or your individual style.
• Sizing is consistent so you're assured of a good fit
• We have various wingspans and shapes
• Our doll size feather angel wings are suitable for babies or teddy bears that can also be used in centerpieces, on wedding cakes, as hanging ornaments in trees or garlands, as package or Christmas tree decorations, or any other requirement you need them for.
• We have 24 years in the business and most of our items are made by hand.
We have feather wings in adult and children's sizes that are perfect for carnivals and parades, mardi gras or halloween, theme parties, stage and runway, photo shoots, weddings, and dance teams.
Not sure what color you want?
Choose one that represents your true nature, or something you like just because it's fun or beautiful!
• White - represents purity and innocence
• Pink - represents unconditional love
• Yellow - represents the energy of the mind and intellect
• Gold - represents luxury and abundance
• Orange - represents optimism and hope
• Red - represents energy and passion
• Green - represents balance and growth
• Turquoise - represents communication and clarity
• Blue - represents trust and peace
• Purple - represents creativity and imagination
• Silver - represents feminine energy, the moon, and tides
• Black - represents mystery, drama, and high fashion
Let your angel guide you to the right wings for you, or you can let us guide you through the angelic realm and make the right suggestions.
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