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What is it about beads that make them so popular with crafters, designers, and artists as well as those who wear them in jewelry and on costumes? It's the connection to our history that gives us a feeling of belonging, of being grounded in the past, and of being part of something greater than ourselves.

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• Beads have been chronicled as far back as 40,000 years and have been made from pebbles, shells, teeth, claws, wood, clay, stone, amber, glass, gemstones, copper, silver, and more.
• They were used as a form of currency and were made into jewelry by many cultures for thousands of years, with scarcer materials being considered more valuable.
• Beads are said to bring wisdom and fortune to those who wear them.
• They were used as part of prayer rituals. In fact, the word "bead" comes from the Old English gebed (to bid or to pray) which became bead or prayer bead.
If you're looking for beaded items to enhance the look of your costume, Fairy Magic has a variety of readymade beaded accessories to complete your look. Wear them every day as part of your jewelry collection or save them for special theme dress-ups.
Each material will hold a special attraction to different people. Here's a look at some of the exciting pieces you'll find at Fairy Magic.
Wood bead necklace - Our wood bead necklace comes in several colors and designs, all handmade, and are the perfect accessory for fairies (who often live in the forests), gypsies (who also travel through the woods), and chic modern bohemians who know how to get their groove on.
Wood has spiritual properties and is considered the most basic symbol of nature. It presents the essence of truth and offers clarity and focus to the wearer. It represents strength of character, peace, and protection. Wood beads are lightweight and durable and hold the qualities of creation, rebirth, spiritual healing, beauty, art, abundance, and poetic inspiration. Wood acts as a conduit between the physical and spiritual realm.
Beaded wristband - These wide beaded cuffs are intricately detailed in their pattern.
Glass beads were originally used as "trade beads" and were made with intricate shapes and colors. As glass became more accessible, finer beads were manufactured, and this type of decorative beadwork remains an integral part of many native cultures. The diamond pattern on these cuffs is one of the most popular designs used by crafters and bead workers everywhere.
Beaded magic pouch and Beaded fairy purse - Both the pouch and the purse have handles that are long enough to be worn around the neck as a piece of jewelry. Beads are used to weave patterns into the design and each comes in a variety of colors.
Specialized bags and pouches like these were often used by nomadic people to hold trade beads, tobacco, or small valuables. Medicine men and herbal healers used them to hold their herbs or potions, and they were sized to fit the specific object that was to be carried. "Possible bags" as they are sometimes called are used by those who wish to carry magical artifacts such as crystals and amulets, oils or sacred candles.
Beaded star choker - The chain, dangles and stars on this handmade choker are all created from fine glass beads, and the piece comes in a variety of colors. This is a great accessory for any of our costumes, whether you're looking to be a fairy, princess, angel, or another magical creature. Wear it to dress up your costume or to enhance your jewelry wardrobe.
Rainbow bead set - Each set of these glass beads contains beads in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink, and you'll receive 5 bundles to each set. Sew them onto costumes or use them to make your own hand crafted jewelry, including chokers, cuffs, purses and pouches, bracelets, hair ornaments, and more.
Sequin collar necklace and Sequin armband - These pieces contain pearl beads, seed beads, and long beads to enhance the design of the sequins.
Our jewelry beads and beaded pieces are intricately and precisely designed for a stunning visual effect Use them to contrast and complement your costume designs, your evening wear, or your everyday wear.
• Try mixing our beaded cuffs with other bracelets for a stacked look or wear one cuff on each wrist.
• Wear our pouch and purse necklaces with other long or short neck pieces for a thoroughly current trendy appeal with bohemian tops.
Beading is an ancient craft and Fairy Magic has been creating costume pieces for more than two decades. Many of our designs are finding their way into modern fashion. Today, beads still hold a fascination for many crafters and non-crafters alike.

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