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If you enjoy dress up time as much as any other fairy, let your imagination run wild with our costumes and accessories. Fairy Magic in Byron Bay has everything you need in one convenient place. We've been making wings and designing costumes for 24 years so we have a good connection to the world of the wee folk. (The house fairies tell us what to make. They pick the colors and they help out quite a bit around here). ... read more... read more

It seems most little girls will go through a fairy stage in their young lives. Fairy dress-up is an enjoyable and imaginative way to explore the magical side of fun at a time when all things seem real, including fairies and their magic. Fairytales and storybooks featuring fairy themed characters are a great influence on little ones, and we have fairy costumes that will satisfy any fairy vision your child may have.
If you're a grown-up fairy who feels connected to the fae, the muse may be calling you. We have costumes for adults and children including garden fairies, Tinkerbelle, leotards, fairy and angel wings, dresses and skirts, witches, ballerinas, ladybugs, Frozen blue midnight fairy, petal skirts, butterflies, and Cinderella.
Looking for accessories?
• Fairy Magic has wings for every magical creature out there including fairies, angels, bats, butterflies, witches, and dragonflies.
• We make beaded and sequined cuffs, chokers, and necklaces, fairy pouches, and head gear including halos, hats, garlands, crowns, and wreaths, feather accessories, wands, and more.
• We also sell genuine strand pearls and trim feathers in single or bulk quantities.
Here's just a sampling of some of our beautiful costumes. All sizes are consistent so you can order with confidence.
Butterfly Dress - This gorgeous costume is an all-time favourite.
• Features a hand painted glitter butterfly in the centre top
• Soft light ballerina pink Lycra top with ¾ length sleeves is not itchy against delicate young skin
• Two- layered skirt overlay that includes satin lining and a top layer of soft pink tulle
• Butterfly dresses are great for a cooler day and can be worn with leggings and boots for a adventurous day out
• Accessorize this costume with a flower headband and instantly become a flower fairy
• Let your flower girl wear it at your wedding
Rainbow Angel Costume - Sizes are available for children from five years old to ten years old.
• Includes flower fairy skirt, lace top, angel rainbow wings, and rainbow angel halo made from rainbow marabou
Lace Top - Stretchy top will go with any of the skirts on our website.
• Sequin trim V neckline
• Satin ribbon straps tie on the shoulder for perfect adjustability
• Shirred elastic satin at the back for comfort and fit
• Available in many colors and 3 sizes
Jeweled Skirt and Lace Top - Available in sizes for adults and teens
• Skirt has a fancy beaded feature on the front of the satin waistband. All bead features vary so we match them for you.
• Velcro at the back of the waistband allows easy access and it also allows slight size adjustment. Email your waist measurement and we will double check the size so you're assured of a proper fit.
• The lace top has a V-neck with hand sewn sequins around the outside edge.
• A ribbon tie strap allows for perfect fit.
• Shirred elastic satin at back for comfort and fit.
Dream Skirt and Lace Top for Big Faeries - This is a cute combination of Dream Skirt and Lace Top.
• Our Dream Skirts are an all time popular skirt worn by fairy girls as dress-up and play skirts.
• They're easy to put on with Velcro at the back that allows plenty of room for size adjustment.
• Satin or chiffon petals have been added to the front in a cascade that falls from the wide waistband. This represents the whimsical and dreamy flower fairy.
• Detailed beaded and sequined waistbands are individually hand sewn and each one is slightly different. We match them for you with similar colours so your costume is well coordinated.
• Lace top has hand sew sequins at the V neckline.
• Ribbon tie bow on shoulder is adjustable.
• Shirred elastic satin at the back makes for a comfortable fit.
• Available in many colours and three sizes.
Tinkerbelle Skirt - Magical Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan are favourites among children.
• Satin lined skirt with a layer of bridal tulle and a lace petal overlay.
• Elasticised waist.
• Great for a nature spirit
We manufacture quality costumes that stand out in the crowd and we can match your order to colour co-ordinate with the rest of your costume. We can pack and send costumes and accessories to fairies all over the world.
If you don't see what you're looking for in a costume, ask us. We can help you put a costume together with a custom order or suggestions about how to make our skirts, dresses, and accessories work for you.

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    Fairy Tutu Costume Set
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    Sequin Collar Necklace
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    Butterfly Dress
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    Cinderella Dress
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    Flower Fairy Costume Set
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    Sequin Armband
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    Ballerina Tutu
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    Angel Halo
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    Lady Bug Costume Set
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    Black Bat Wings Large Purple Glitter
    Bat wings purple glitter
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    Bat Wings Small
    Bat Wings small
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    Pink Ballerina Dress
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    Rainbow Wings And Halo
    Rainbow Wings 60cm and Halo
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    Ballerina Rosebud Dress
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    Medieval Pink Princess Dress
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    Halloween Witch Costume
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    Angel Wings Jewel Dress Costume
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    Jewel Adult Fairy Dress
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    Jewelled Fairy Skirt Lace Top
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    Adult Fairy Dream Skirt Lace Top
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    Code adult-tutu

    Adult Tutu
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    Code fairy-skirt-feature-waistband

    Fairy Skirt Bead Sequin Feature Waistband
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    Code adult-tutu-lace-top-set

    Adult Tutu Lace Top Set
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