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If you're looking for headgear and accessories to go with your regal fairy or princess costume, Fairy Magic has a variety of crowns and tiaras to suit many styles, and all our headgear is crafted from quality materials that are exceptional enough to be used in a real life wedding.

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The wearing of diadems and crowns or coronas is a traditional symbolic part of world history, but kings, queens, princesses, and other royalty are not the only ones who wear crowns. Fairies, mermaids and goddesses like them, too, depending on their status in their realm.
A crown signifies the honor and glory of their position and even their immortality, and they're often offered by angels to those on Earth. They can be made from flowers, leaves, rare feathers, gold or other extraordinary and precious metals, and adorned with costly gems and art.
At Fairy Magic, we design costume headgear that imitates the beautiful traditional pieces worn by monarchs, and have created designs suitable for magical creatures such as fairies, angels and mermaids. Let us help you choose pieces that work for your theme party, Carnivale, wedding, theater production or other costumed event, and ask about special color orders.
Here are some of our outstanding designs in crowns.
Sequin jewel crown
The sequin jewel crown comes in a variety of color combinations to please royal majesties of all ages. This is the type of crown worn by kings and queens upon their coronation, but we have crowns for princesses, too. This one is covered entirely with sequins with varying bead embellishments unique to each color combination.
Flower tulle crown
This is the ultimate wreath crown for all fairy princesses. Tufts of non-irritating tulle are spread around the band and oval-petaled flowers are randomly placed among the netting. This lightweight crown sits comfortably on the head and is adjustable with a satin ribbon tie at the back. Select from a variety of colors and ask us about custom colors for your wedding or production.
Pink flower crown
Flower girls, fairies, princesses, and angels all love our delicate flower crown wreath. This is a wonderful headpiece for bridesmaids and even the bride with or without an added veil. Pink cherry blossoms encircle the band and are embellished with white pearls and pearl-tipped stamens. Pink and white satin ribbons make bows at the back and an effusion of tulle extends up and down reminiscent of a fascinator. Two strings of round white beads at the back add an additional ethereal touch, and it's lightweight enough for the littlest princesses and fairies.
Snow fairy crown
The snow fairy crown is created entirely from white iridescent crystalline stars and faceted round beads that have a rainbow luminescence, with all the appeal of an icy headdress suitable for any wintry fairy princess. The band is adjustable to fit most adult and child head sizes, and it's perfect for real-life weddings or fairy-tale parties.
Mermaid crown
The beautiful creatures from the depths of the sea love sparkly things. They'll collect attractive crystals, gems, and glowing objects that rival their wonderful iridescent bodies, and have been known to wear crowns like these. Our mermaid crown is created using a satin covered headband that's adjustable to fit most sizes. A tuft of feather boa at the top serves as the base for the five arcs of crystalline bicone-cut faceted beads in a luminous lilac color, and each arc has a scallop "shell" hanging from it.
Rosebud flower crown
The rosebud flower crown is the perfect accessory for all woodland creatures. A satin covered circle is embellished with pink rosebuds and soft green leaves, with just enough netting to give it an ethereal appeal. White satin ribbon streamers and netting fall from a pink satin bow at the back.
Pink marabou feather crown
Pink marabou feathers completely cover this wreath crown, and an explosion of white satin streamers fall from a net bow at the back. This is the perfect crown for winter fairies, princesses, and angels. Wear it for dress-up day at school. It makes a great headpiece for a flower girl or grown-up bridesmaids. Add a veil and it's perfect for a winter wedding headpiece.

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