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Fairy Magic Byron Bay is all about the magic created by fairies, mermaids, angels, and other entities that dwell in the realm beyond our reach. Spirits of all kinds inhabit that other world and we like to include items that represent magic in all of its aspects. The legend of The Dream Catcher begins with Native American peoples, and we decided dream catchers were important enough as a magical item to include them in our collection. They're used today by all types of people as mobiles, on key rings and necklaces, and as accessories in cars and on purses. ... read more... read more

If you're looking for dreamcatchers to hang in your window, or to give to someone as a gift, we have the right size dreamcatcher for you. You can use them as party gifts or placeholders, or decorate a themed event such as a wedding.
• Hanging a dreamcatcher over the Grand Entry at your wedding venue is said to bring good spirits into the event.
• Giving a dreamcatcher as a gift can create a bond among friends or bring new friends.
• Dreamcatchers make great housewarming gifts.
• Tell your children about the Legend of the Dream Catcher Spirit to help them sleep at night.
Legend of the Dream Catcher Spirit
Dream catchers began with the Anishnabe (Anishinaabek) tribe (later known as Ojibwe, Odawa and Bodwe'aadamiinh) at a time when the people were being taunted by evil spirits in their dreams. Neither the wisdom of the elders nor the experience of the medicine women could end their torment.
One night an elder of many years was visited by two spirits as he slept. The Night Terror was dark and faceless and caused great fear in the elder's dream. Another spirit appeared and cast an enormous web around the Dark One and hung him from the trees like a cocoon, placing beads and feathers so the good dreams could slide down to the sleeper. Then the immense grey cloud passed and the bright golden daylight appeared, whose sparkling shimmer caused the Dark One to fall from the fairy web and fragment into the atmosphere.
When the elder awoke, he talked of the noble Dream Catcher spirit, which he believed was a waking vision and not a dream. He charged each of his people with building a fairy web on a hoop that would catch the evil dreams sent by the Dark One, and a feather and bead attached so the good dreams could slide down. They were to hang one by each of their sleeping mats. That night, all the good dreams could be seen passing through the web as the dark dreams struggled inside it, and in the morning, glittering sparkling particles fell to the ground.
• We have hanging dreamcatchers that measure 11cm, with golden beads that represent the sun and a star design in the center, all done in brilliant turquoise blue.
• Our dreamcatcher necklaces are 3cm with a golden star at the center and feathers in your choice of black, blue, pink, purple, tan, or turquoise.
• Key ring dreamcatchers are 5cm with an attached gold tone safety ring to hold your keys securely. A star sits at the center of the web. Choose between blue, lilac, pink, turquoise, white, or purple feathers.
• Dreamcatchers make wonderful gifts for boys, girls, and grownups, too!
The legend continues that the good dream know the way through the web and are there to teach us, while the bad dreams are caught where they can do no harm, and unimportant dreams are caught so they don't confuse us with their limited meanings.
• Place your dreamcatcher in a window so morning light can dissolve the trapped dreams.
• Hang one in a baby carriage to protect little ones.
• Use our smaller keyring and necklace dream catchers as party favors and the larger hanging dreamcatchers to decorate a theme party.
• Traditional dreamcatchers will have 7 or more points to the web representing the grandfathers, the moons, or the lunar calendar.
At Fairy Magic, we've been making wings for 24 years and we respect all the magic in the spirit world and beyond. We're here all year round to help you find what you're looking for so your party or costume will be a hit with one and all.
We love and appreciate the pictures you send us so keep them coming!

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