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"Gossamer wings and magical things and sparkling shimmering enchanted lace are tucked beyond the rainbow's hue, and found in the fae's most guarded place". Welcome to your online connection to the realm of the faes! We make all things fairy, and the fate herself who spins the fabric of life seems to be enchanted by the wee folk who inhabit our space. ... read more... read more

Fairies and their ken are some of the most searched for beings by humans who feel a connection to their legendary world. If you're one of the millions of people who believe and want to represent these spritely creatures by dressing like them, you've come to the right place.
We have been making wings and things for 24 years, with hand dyed feathers and custom made costumes and accessories to suit any occasion or event.
Find just the right fairy costume by tuning into your fairy muse, or let us help you with suggestions that might suit your personality or event.
• Are you drawn to nature, trees, and flowers? Perhaps Driads or Tree Fairies are your supernatural inspiration. Their wings are notched like oak leaves so they can blend in with the trees.
• A childlike mischievous personality is akin to that of Pixies.
• If you like solitary thought and observing things from a distance you may make a good Cave Fairy or Bergbui.
• Are you mysterious and sultry? The Gwragedd Annwn or Lake Fairy may be your muse.
• Born artists and creative types have the Sprite as their source of inspiration.
• Changlings are often said to be evil ugly fairy babies who are substituted for human babies, but we think any baby is cute. Suit your little one up as a fairy changling.
• If you're the outdoor type who's drawn to the vastness of nature, the character of Mountain Fairies or Gwyllion could be in your spirit.
• Have you found an enlightened path to tranquility or do you practice meditational arts? Mound Fairies or Daoine Siths are believed to be the embodiment of nature and the beginning.
• Those who give of themselves such as nurses or public servants might be suited to honoring Ancestral Fairies or Sidhe Fyglias, who love humans and act as their guardians.
• Perhaps you want to be a House Fairy or Dobbie, the helper to all who need small tasks done.
Ask us about wings, costumes and accessories to make your vision come alive. We can help you with organizing costume sizes, colors, and styles for your wedding party, dance group, theater production, festival troupe, theme party, or individual outfit.
Create your own fairy look.
We make a variety of items that will spark your imagination and let you have fun decorating your space or dressing up for your event.
• Shoulder sitters - These very popular little fairies that will sit on a shoulder to watch over young ones can be used as a costume accessory or an ornament for trees, tables, light strings, or flower arrangements.
• Matchbox fairies - These little play trinkets are designed after the mythical creatures that were often found playing in a garden. Give them to a child or use them as favors for children's parties or baby showers.
• Fairy dolls - Fairy dolls will stimulate the little mind of your child and create joy.
• Fairy doll brooches - Choose from virtually any color and use them to decorate anything you can think of. They make great additions to a fascinator or bridal headpiece.
• Tutus, skirts and dresses - in adult and children's sizes in almost any color.
• Headpieces, crowns, hair wreaths, and magic wands - in feathers, jewels and flowers.
We know a lot about fairies and we're here all year long working our magic. If you see something you like but need a different color, let us know and we'll do what we can to make your fairy dreams come true.
Whether you want to be a tiny helper fairy, a wicked, naughty or mischievous fairy, an elegant and graceful fairy, or an ethereal and noble fairy, tell us how you see yourself and let us design a look that's just right for you.
The wee folk at Fairy Magic in Byron Bay have more than 24 years experience making and selling fairy garb. If you want it, we have it.
Give us a twinkle on Twitter, share the love on Facebook, and create an image on Pinterest. We'll put in a good word for you with our vaporous enchanters.

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    Code jewel-fairy-dress-adult

    Jewel Adult Fairy Dress
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    Code fairy-skirt-feature-waistband

    Fairy Skirt Bead Sequin Feature Waistband
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    Code adult-tutu

    Adult Tutu
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    Code flower-fairy-costume-set

    Flower Fairy Costume Set
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    Code fairy-tutu-set

    Fairy Tutu Costume Set
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    Matchbox Fairy
  • Code Jewel-fairy-dust-Bag

    Jewel Fairy Dust Bag
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    Code Huge Butterfly wings Black Blue

    Huge Butterfly Wings Black Blue
    Huge Butterfly wings Black Blue
  • Code fairy-wings-medium

    Fairy Wings Medium 64cm Wingspan
  • Code pink-marabou-crown

    Pink Marabou Feather Crown
  • Code rosebud-crown

    Rosebud Flower Crown
  • Code sequin -jewel-crown

    Sequin Jewel Crown
    sequin -jewel-crown
  • Code pink-flower-crown

    Pink Flower Crown
  • Code fairy-doll-magic-wand

    Fairy Doll Magic Wand
  • Code jewelled-skirt-lace-top

    Jewelled Fairy Skirt Lace Top
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    Code adult-dream-skirt-lace-top

    Adult Fairy Dream Skirt Lace Top
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