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Fairy Bags

If you've ever wondered where fairies keep the magical fairy dust they use to create all their fairy magic, it's in fairy bags, of course, and Fairy Magic has fairy bags with hearts and sequins and beads and satin and all the things that make you feel and look like a fairy princess. ... read more... read more

Fairies have inspired designs from the dark ages to modern day creations, and fairy bags were used once upon a time by humans in the hope of having some of the magic rub off on them.
• These bags were used to carry scented sachets thought to ward off plague
• They were often created with great skill and care so as not to offend the fae folk, and were given as gifts to someone special.
• Fairy bags were (and still are) used as a wrapper for gifts such as gold coins or jewelry.
• Ladies carried them to hold sweet treats, embroidery threads, or household keys.
• Humans were known to carry a similar bag and leave a trail of breadcrumbs hoping to catch a glimpse of a fairy passing through the whispering worlds.
As far as fairies are concerned, they use their bags to carry the very special fairy dust that has created legends handed down through history, of magical events that took place right before the eyes of unbelieving onlookers.
If they are suddenly frightened by something earthly, they may accidentally drop their bags. More is the pity, because humans, to this very day, don't have the power to ignite the fairy dust to do its magic.
Are you looking for a fairy bag to complete an outfit or costume?
• Our bags are beautifully made of washable satin in a variety of colors.
• Satin dilly bags with exquisite beadwork have been an all time best seller.
• Heart or star sequin embellishment and feathers add to the beautiful fairy illusion.
• Plaited nylon cord straps fit over the shoulder or across the chest, or can be tied to make them shorter and held in the hand.
• Bags have a pocketed drawstring closure.
• Zipper at the back can hold your child's tooth for the tooth fairy.
• We have 24 years in the business of making fairy garb, and our fairy bags are expertly sewn to last.
Let us help you put together a complete fairy look or choose some special accessories to go with your party theme.
• Carry a fairy bag at a Renaissance or Shakespeare festival.
• Fairy bags are popular with girls of all ages and are used in period plays and weddings.
• Fairy bags are carried by everyone from Wiccan groups to vintage style lovers.
• Use your fairy bag as a purse for a special night out, for holiday or Sunday dressing up, as a gift to a special friend, or as a bridal bag to carry your wedding day essentials.
• Fairy parties are incomplete without a basket of fairy bags to hand out to guests. They make great party favors to hold candy and goodies. Whether your party is fairy themed or you simply want to give your child's guests something to remember her, these make great gifts.
• Professional "fairy entertainers" use them to carry "magic" glitter dust to delight and amuse their audience.
• Use them to hold crystals, coins, jewelry, rosary beads, precious photos or other memorabilia, tarot cards, glass marbles, or small collections.
Caution: If you find yourself on ancient soils where fae folk make their home, carry your fairy bag thoughtfully to be welcomed into the dominion beyond your dreams.
Look to the mist and safeguard your fairy bag. Move slowly and watch the hills and lakes, the rocks and caves, for there in the dim twilight where the dusky forms fade from sunlight, you may chance to see a real fairy. But strike no bargain with fairies, for they are not of this world and their meaning is often misunderstood.
Allow the folks at Fairy Magic to be your connection between their world and ours so you can have fun shopping in a safe and friendly environment. (We know which fairies to watch out for so you don't have to). We're here all year long to answer questions, create custom costumes, and generally guide you to what you're looking for.

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