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Fairy Costumes

The folks at Fairy Magic have been making costumes for more than two decades. In fact we started out making wings more than twenty-four years ago and were the first fairy shop, before the fairy dress-up phenomenon began in Australia. We have a handful of our own house fairies and they keep us informed about trends in the realm of the wee folk, so we're constantly updating our inventory with new colors and styles.

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Delight your child with their favorite wings and wands, fairy bags, and glittery costumes. Visit us on the first Sunday of every month at the Byron Bay Markets, stall F19.
We know the fairy business. Ethereal sprites, radiant angelic beings, and diminutive mischief makers, as well as enchanted creatures of all kinds are part of our enterprise. (A few have been known to drop by now and again to give their opinion of the establishment. We let them go on with their inspections and they soon venture into another direction).
So what do fairies really wear? Let us guide you through the realm of the fairies and help you choose the right costume for your event your event. We have full costumes, dresses, skirts, wands, crowns and tiaras, bags, and a host of wing styles to please every fairy on your list. We even have a little matchbox fairy, the tiniest fairy you've ever seen!
Matchbox fairy, Fairy doll brooch, and Fairy doll magic wand
You'll be simply enchanted by our tiniest fairies. The little matchbox fairy comes with her own home. She lives inside the glittering matchbox and will provide hours of pleasure for your littlest fairy. Her box is covered in glitter and beads, stones, and flowers to create an ornamental embellishment. Just slide the box open to reveal the little fairy doll inside on a bed of tinsel. Choose from pink/gold, pink/silver, blue/silver, or purple/turquoise.
The adorable little fairydoll brooch comes in pink or purple, all made from tulle which has been fashioned into a flower or tutu for the little doll that sits at the center. Glitter adorns the petal tips and is used to create the dolls headcap.
Our fairy doll magic wand comes in pink or white. The wand is wrapped in satin ribbon with streamers hanging from the cluster of tulle petals that make up the fairy doll's dress. Glitter on the petal tips and dolls cap make this wand sparkle with magic.
These little doll accessories make wonderful party favors, stocking stuffers, for gifts for any child or children's party.
Jewel fairy dust bag
It's a little known fact that fairies carry their magic dust in small bags like this one. (They don't generally have pockets, though elves and gnomes do). Y our little fairy girl will love keeping her trinkets in this bag and pretending she's a fairy, handing out fairy dust to all who make a wish. The bag is constructed from soft polyester satin with a nylon drawstring and long strap. It's ornamented with a bead medallion on the front and bead dangles at the bottom seam. Don't worry, it's machine washable.
Large fairy wings - custom colors
This is where we had our start, making fairy wings, and our large fairy wings are one of our best sellers. We're not surprised that these works of art are so popular, especially since they can be customized to match your wedding theme or party colors. The 70cm x 60cm wingspan is impressive, with a long hind wing and a shorter forewing. Opaque nylon is stretched over the frame and heavily embellished with glitter to outline the wing veins, with each one being a magical spiral of pure fantasy They slip right over your arms and are flexible enough to allow normal movement.
These are just a few of the items we offer at Fairy Magic. Have a look at our Cerise garden fairy flower skirt and lace top costume set, our Tinkerbell fairy skirt, Jewel ribbon fairy skirt, Jeweled fairy dress, Frozen blue midnight fairy dress, and the mother of all wings, our Huge butterfly wings. Many of our costumes come in adult and children's sizes, so if you don't see what you want, just ask.
We offer express service and can accommodate international orders, and our friendly staff is here to help you all year round.

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