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Fairy Wings

Did you know that each type of fairy possesses a different type of wing? They do, and Fairy Magic carries all the beautiful varieties to help you find your fairy muse.

Getting the right wings is a matter of the heart and spirit. You should feel a strong tug when you see the wings you know were meant for you. At Fairy Magic you’ll find wings for every creature that glitters beyond the rainbow including fairies, sprites, angels, and butterflies, in colors and styles that glimmer and twinkle like pixie dust, or outshine the sun with bursts of pure radiance.

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Whether you’re looking for something for a costume event, a child, a group, or you want an exquisite set of wings for yourself, we can walk you through our fairy kingdom and make the right suggestions. Let us help you. Tell us what your vision is for your wedding, recital, theme party, or other event and we’ll make suggestions for colors, sizes, and styles.

If you’re not sure which of the fae folk is calling to you, here’s a list that might help you hit upon the right one. More often than not, the wings will find you instead of the other way around!

  • Mountain fairy (gwyllion) - Mountain fairies can be haunting, clinging to the shadows and duskiness to lead wanderers astray, or they can be aloof, having nothing to do with humans. Their wings are narrow and long, but large so they can gain the lift needed to climb and descend to the high mountain meadows.

  • Cave fairy or rock sprite (bergbui) - Small delicate creatures with wings that are small and wide,with a larger oval forewing and smaller hind wing; good for flitting from rock to rock.

  • Lake and river fairies (gwragedd annwn) - They dwell beneath the misty lakes and rivers in the shadows of the mountains. Their wings are long, slim and delicate like the mist.

  • Tree fairy (driad)- Their wings are notched and colored so they blend in with the leaves. These fairies were originally oak fairies. The oak leaf is notched like their wings.

  • Pixies - These childlike mischievous little fairies have small green monowings - one section on each side - that can be easily tucked behind them when they’re hiding.

  • Sprites - These are the creative fairies and are sometimes muses to artists and poets. They like being around tranquil water. Their wings are filmy and translucent, with elongated hind and forewings. 

  • Changeling - These are fairy babies with supernatural cunning. Their wings are tiny, usually about the size of the infant’s foot, and are pale in color, whether white, pink, blue, or yellow.

  • Ancestral fairies (sidhe fyglia)- These fairies love humans and act as personal guardians, guiding us through the mortal plane. They have a large majestic wingspan in multiple layers with notches and ovals, ribs and spirals in every color; they’re sometimes seen represented as butterflies.

  • House fairy (dobbie)- They have a single set of small wings that carry them swiftly from room to room where they make good use of their time as household helpers.

  • Mound fairy (daoine sith)- It’s believed that members of this powerful race live underground and are the preternatural spirits of nature. They are the wind and their wings are wide and lofty with large hind wings and forewings, and often a third set of wings at midlevel.

Still not sure what to buy?

  • Start with your physical size and determine if you can handle a large set of wings or if you’re more comfortable with a smaller set.  Think about your height. Some wings are long and narrow while others are wide.

  • Next, think about your personality. Are you a glitzy type, someone who likes dazzle and bright colors? Do you prefer something subdued and gauzy with just a bit of shimmer? Maybe you’d feel dreamier in feathers.

  • Color is your last decision. Naturally, if you’re planning a wedding, you’ll choose something compatible with your theme colors. If you have no color restrictions, just choose what you like.

  • We can make almost any wing in any color, and we can make custom wings to suit your event theme or your individual style.

  • Our sizing is consistent, so you’ll have no problems fitting your dance crew, bridal party, or children.

We’d love to hear how you use your wings. Send us an Instagram, share us on Facebook, and Tweet your fairy court about your new find.  

“You cannot seek out fairies, though many giefan a try. If you want to find a fairy, see with the heart and not the eye.”

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