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Halloween Costumes

"As it fell out last Hallow even when the seely [fairy] court rode by, the Queen lighted down on a gowany bank just where I was wont to lie..." Fairy Magic in Byron Bay has been making costumes for more than two decades, so we have a pretty good idea about what goes on during the "day of the dead", and whenever our staff doesn't know about a tidbit or two, the house fairies are always here to fill us in. It's a good thing, too, because some of those All Hallows Eve folks can get pretty pushy.

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Halloween is a day of mysterious customs that brings out all manner of ghosts, fairies, goblins and strange spirits across the land. Other-worldly creatures travel back and forth between worlds and bonfires are lit as much to help them find their way as to keep them way from humans.
If you're looking for costumes for witches, fairies, princesses, or angels, or you just need an accessory to complete your existing costume, we have what you're looking for. Ask us about colors, sizes, and availability for multiple orders for your Mardi Gras party, wedding, dance troupe, theater group, or Halloween parade.
Here's some Halloween trivia you can use at your next theme party. Most of the Halloween traditions we enjoy today began as ancient Celtic customs during the day of the dead.
• It was thought that the souls of the dead were out and around, so bits of food and drink were left outside doorsteps to placate them. Eventually people began dressing up as these creatures in exchange for food and drink.
• The Celts believed that fairies, witches and demons played pranks on humans, which began the custom of "mumming", playing a trick or giving a treat to unsuspecting costumers.
• Halloween was originally a harvest holiday, and from this we continue to bob for apples and carve pumpkins.
We love making costumes at Fairy Magic and offer a variety of (mostly) pleasant creatures to make your costume event exciting! Here's a sampling.
Black bat wings (bat wings come in small and large wing span)
Bats are the personification of Halloween, along with witches, skeletons and ghosts, and are one of the most popular costumes for this time of year. Our black bat wings have a satin bat-shaped center on stretch mesh wings attached to a mostly rigid frame. They're comfortable and flexible enough for normal movement but won't flop around like a soft feather wing. Large wings are 55cm across, and small wings measure 40cm.
Two piece ladybug costume set
The adorable three-piece ladybug costume comes with a top, skirt, and wand. The heavily shirred black polyester satin top is machine washable and has a ruffle at the top and bottom edges, with satin covered elastic straps for an easy fit. The black satin skirt has a black net overlay, and two red satin ladybug "wings" have large black spots all gathered into an elastic waist. The wand has a black handle with a full ladybug at the end with red mesh wings over a wire frame, googly eyes and little red antennae.
Witch skirts
We have witch skirts in two styles. The short skirt has a black lining, a black net overlay with a pointed petal hemline gathered into an elastic waist. Silver stars ornament the net. The longer skirt has a straight hemline. Add some bat wings and you'll be the most angelic witch around!
Halloween witch costume
The complete three piece set comes with the top and bottom, and a pair of bat wings to make a cute and spooky little witch. The costume features our long witch skirt with elastic waist, satin underskirt and net overlay, with silvery star embellishment. The top is black polyester satin with heavy shirring to ensure a good fit, and satin covered elastic straps. Short ruffles at the top and bottom edges give it a more feminine appeal. Our black mesh batwings complete the look and are trimmed with silver and purple glitter and are flexible enough to move comfortably, but rigid enough to maintain their shape.
Jumbo red sequin clown bowtie
If you've decided to be a clown for Halloween, this is the tie to get. It will draw the attention you want and give you a comic edge. It's over-sized and face-framing with heat set sequins on red glittery polyester fabric and has an elastic back to make for a comfortable fit. 10cm x 25cm.
You can be anything you like for Halloween, and we're here at Fairy Magic headquarters all year long to help you fulfill your vision. (The fairies do most of the work, but they don't know much about computers).

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