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Hanging Mobiles

Fairy Magic Byron Bay is the place for all things magical, and it's the best place to find your decorative hanging mobiles. Our selection will delight and inspire you and are attractive in any room. Celebrate all the lovely things these mobiles are meant to bring to a room with dolls, feathers, beads, butterflies, mirrors, and more. ... read more... read more

Our mobiles are made using all the wonderful things we're known for - cupie dolls, butterflies, and wings, all done with feathers, beads and mirrors. This kinetic form of art is a great way to teach children about movement in crafts.
• Incorporate our mobiles as part of your feng shui (pronounced fung shway) elements to:
• Bring abundance and prosperity
• Bring joy and happiness
• Ward off evil spirits
• Intensify positive energy
• Protect your home from harmful traffic flow
• Bring balance and harmony through the elements and representations in the mobile
With a little help from the fairies at Fairy Magic, you can brighten a child's room, decorate a party, or even make an exciting atmosphere for a larger event whether it's a theme party, wedding, stage setting, or dinner party. Your friends and guests will have conversations all night over these mobile charmers.
So how do mobiles work?
Mobile art is considered a type of sculpture that has the ability to move when touched or when air currents moving through a room cause them to sway or twirl. What makes mobiles special is that the artistic effect is visible as it hangs idly but becomes enchanting as the air currents gently cause them to move on the breeze, whirling, tinkling, and bringing a sense of calm and serenity.
Suspend a fairy doll hanger as a decoration to brighten up a girl's room or hang several of them over a birthday party table. Put one in a life size dollhouse or playhouse. Colored feathers and a beaded cord make this the perfect accessory to create some sparkle in any girl's imagination as she watches the Cupie doll swing in the breeze.
Our beautiful mirror mobiles bring the element of water into your home or party and are a great way to create several types of atmospheres. Use them in the following ways.
• They're especially good for attracting good luck and prosperity into your life.
• They attract good chi (spirits or energy) when placed by an entry door.
• They create good energy when placed in a stagnant area such as a small bathroom, foyer or even a walk in closet, and will expand the sense of space.
• Use our mirror mobile to create a pleasant atmosphere for a small child who is afraid of the dark.

• Improve your prosperity or fortune corners by hanging a mobile.
Butterflies can be active in your world all year long if you bring them into your home with our hanging butterfly mobile. Celebrate nature and the entire splendor that surrounds us in our fairy gardens.
• Pink, lilac or purple fairy rings are decorated with flowers and three lovely butterflies hanging in midair.
• Decorate your garden by hanging them from trees or arches.
• Delight children at a party or put one in front of a window and watch as the butterflies move in the breeze.
Choose from our heart and star beaded hangers which have a little feather dangling from the ends, or the gorgeous feathered and beaded Fairy Magic dream catcher that only lets the good dreams come through at night.
All our mobiles are handmade by talented artists right here in our shop in Byron Bay. Each one will serve to beautify some part of your life. Here are some creative ways to enjoy them:
• In a little child's bedroom or playhouse
• In a garden, patio setting, or greenhouse
• In an office to relieve tension or boredom
• Over the Grand Entry at a wedding reception
• Over tables or at each place setting for a holiday or special event
• At an entryway to create positive energy
• Over a child's workspace, where they do homework or crafts to enhance focus and calm
At Fairy Magic, we're delighted to learn of the many ways our customers use our mobiles and other products. We've love it if you would send us pictures to add to our collection.

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