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Having the right headgear is an essential part of the dress-up ritual when you're compiling the elements that will go into your costume. It's so fun to add the topper to your head. It's the final piece that completes the costume so nicely and gives it an authentic appeal. At Fairy Magic, we have plenty of headwear with something to suit every magical creature and more. ... read more... read more

You may be wondering how we know so much about fairies and such. We've been making wings for 24 years, and our shop has a brood of house fairies who give us all kinds of inside information.
Bows, head bands, mermaid and snow fairy crowns, fairy tiaras, masks, cotton fairy hats, satin wizard hats, butterflies, garlands, bridal veils and wreaths, and angel halos are all handmade using beads and pearls, sequins, feathers, marabou, cotton yarns, tulle, flowers, and ribbons.
• A variety of colours are available to suit your costume or theme. Choose from pink, white, silver, gold, red, lilac, purple, blue, black, rainbow, lime green, and apricot. Each item is available in specific colors or color choices.
• Talk to us about making a custom order. We can help you all year round with weddings, costume parties, theater presentations, dance recitals, and other events. Browse through our selection and if you don't see what you're looking for, ask us.
• We can also help you match the right accessories to your costumes. Accessories can be sold separately or with our beautiful selection of costumes.
Head gear is very popular amongst the wee folk and all those magical creatures who wear crowns and garlands, hats and halos. So if you want to honor your fairy muse with the right garb, think about the type of fairy that's calling to you.
• Maybe it's a garden fairy calling you and you need a little crocheted cotton cap
• Or perhaps yours is the ancestor fairy who wears a high ancestral crown
• If angels are inspiring you, choose from halos or garlands
• We even have big sequined bows if you want to dance with the fairy clowns, also called imps. (They're really full of mischief and trickery but you don't have to be).
Here are some important facts about fairies to help you get to know them better.
• Fairies are fond of eating honey cakes, milk, and sweet butter. If you leave food for them and it appears untouched, don't be fooled. They've taken their share.
• Fairies like to make hats from foxgloves and lilies.
• Wee folk use tulips for baby beds and ferns for blankets.
• They ride on humming birds so placing a hummingbird feeder in your yard might attract the fae.
• "Butterfly" fairies like to play with real butterflies and hide in dark mossy places.
• Cloud fairies can help you with your art. Call them when you are in any beautiful place, especially at sunrise and sunset.
• Tree fairies' favorite time is around the full moon. You will often hear strange music coming from them and if they appear at all, they will appear as wisps of light.
• Flower fairies are whimsical and love to decorate themselves with flowers. They will give you a blessing if you are kind to the earth.
Getting to know fairies comes with experience.
• Have a costume party and invite your friends to be one of the supernatural creatures. Make a list and have headgear on hand for each guest as a party favor.
• Or play a game that asks guests to describe each other as one of the types of supernatural creatures on your list. Hand out headgear to match the description of the type of spirit they are. Men, women, boys, and girls love this game.
• Have a fairy themed wedding. Ornament your gown with butterflies and wear wings and a high glittering fairy crown. Have your bridesmaids and grooms wear crowns smaller than yours in your theme colors.
Send us an Instagram of your wedding, theme party, children's party, or costume. We love adding pictures of your special events to our collection!

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