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When you think about fairies and magical creatures, a few things come to mind. All the legends and stories (and of course the ones we hear from our own house fairies) tell us that magical elements are important for them to do their work. Those elements include wands, magic dust and of course jewels and elements. ... read more... read more

• Each magical entity carries a jewel or element that represents the eternal aspect of their nature.
• Magical jewels have always been guarded in caves by dragons and serpents.
• Mermaids are attracted to and covet shiny objects, especially jewels.
• Jewels are used in crowns for mortal kings and queens as well as fairy kings and queens.
• Jewels have protective, healing and magical qualities.
• Wood is used for wands and other magical objects.
Fairy Magic Byron Bay has some of the most beautiful collections of jeweled accessories anywhere. Each piece is handmade by talented crafts people (who always have help from the fairies - we call them the locals), and our beadwork is fair trade, handmade in the islands of Indonesia.
Our selection includes shells, glass beads, wood beads, sequins, and genuine pearls in wristbands, belts, chokers, and purse necklaces.
• Collars have Velcro back closures
• Beadwork is done in dangles and star, flower, and geometric designs
• Sequins and beads have been individually hand sewn and each piece is slightly different and unique.
Our exquisite cultured pearls are genuine and sold on strands by weight.
• There are a variety of different colours available
• We have baroque pearls, round pearls, oval pearls, rice pearls, cream pearls with a beautiful lustre, and black pearls.
• They are designed specifically for jewelry making so you can create your own elegant projects.
See our vintage cowrie / retro cowry shell jewelry, and collect all our fine glass beadwork with intricate arrangements done in iridescent colours.
• Host a design party! Have a party and invite all your friends to make their own jewelry using our graceful pearls.
• Teach your children to connect with Nature.
• Chokers and necklace pouches are great accessories for any magical costume including fairies and mermaids who house their magic dust in them, or use them for belly dancing or Roaring Twenties costumes.
• Use pouches, wrist bands, and wood bead necklaces as party favors.
• Wood beads and cowries are wonderful for accessorizing Indian maiden or mermaid costumes.
• Nature fairies or nature angels (also called "elementals) use wood and shells, often leaving bits of each to let mortals know they're present, or they may leave a trail to guide humans to a certain path.
What do these jewels and elements represent?
Pearls - Pearls are created from the irritation caused by sand inside a mollusk. In the world of magic, pearls represent value and beauty that reaches out from within. Mermaids in particular use them to show favor to mortals who are experiencing trials.
Wood - Wood sets the wilderness and guides mankind to good. It's a representation of the elements of Nature on Earth.
Cowries - If you're attracted to cowrie shells you are in line with an ocean spirit. You will be defended by the strength of the ocean.
Turquoise - We use turquoise colored sequins in some of our pieces. Turquoise is used as a talisman for mortal warriors as protection. Because it's the symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality, it's used mostly by ancestor fairies, but also by cave fairies and rock fairies because it's part of their natural surroundings.
Gold - We use gold colored beads and sequins. Gold is soft and shiny, symbolic of flexibility, virtue, and the sun or golden light. For this reason, gold is prized by all magical creatures for its ability to shed light on or bring wisdom to their tasks.
It's exciting to wear the different elements that represent you spirit nature!
We've been in the fairy business for 24 years and we pride ourselves on having some of the most magnificent jeweled costume accessories, along with our exquisite wings and things.
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