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Mermaid Dolls

If you're as mad about mermaids as we are at Fairy Magic, you'll love that we've gone and added wings to our enchanting mermaid dolls. We know they're as magical as fairies and butterflies and we thought that it was only right they should have wings, too. We hope you (and they) love them as much as we do.

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Mermaid mythology tends to be a bit singular in its understanding of these sea creatures. We see them as being compassionate and supportive of humans, but it wasn't always like that. They didn't always keep to the dark ocean depths and not all stories are kind to mermaids.

The ancient tales began about 3,000 years ago. As legend has it, it began with a beautiful goddess. Some say it was the goddess of love, some say the goddess of beauty. Still others say it was Neptune, the great merman, who enchanted the goddess. Or was it Poseidon?

Give your little girl these captivating dolls and let her delight in playing with them as you tell her the rest of the story of how the goddess became a mermaid.

The legend has changed over the years, as legends often do, but we have fairies here to help us discern the truth. So here it is.
A beautiful woman sat by the sea singing a lonely melody that was akin to a cry. As she sat there biding the solitary hours, a ugly fish swam to greet her and ask of her plight. His scales glistened like rainbows and his words were kind. He was a very odd fish, for he was as large as a man and wore a golden crown with jewels that seemed to float about his head, and though he was not a handsome fish, he enchanted the goddess.
She told him that she was orphaned and he asked her to join him in the sea, so she followed him unafraid, for the fish had charmed her. As she entered the waters, her feet began to change to look like the fish, but as they did, he took pity on her and left the upper half of her body in human form, for she was exceedingly beautiful.

And so the mermaid was born.

Fascinate your child and her friends. These dolls make wonderful gifts at any time of the year.

• Choose from the various wing, hair and body colors
• Bend dolls to "sit" or "stand"
• Use them as party favors
• Have a "deep sea" or "under the sea" themed party by the pool and hang them from trees or sit them beside the punch bowl
• Use them in centerpieces and tablescapes for a mermaid wedding, particularly if your gown is a mermaid silhouette!

Today, we believe that mermaids are the ocean sisters who love and protect ocean. We know they no longer sing a siren song as the lonely goddess did. They are happy sea creatures who are sweet and helpful.
Use your imagination and let your child do the same. She can have hours of fun creating her own stories and giving her mermaid dolls names.
Collect them all!

We have more than 24 years in the business of making wings, and we apply the same attention to all the details of our mermaid dolls as we do to our breathtaking fairy, angel and butterfly wings. These dolls are brilliantly made by the hands of our artisan craftspeople (with a little help from the house fairies) and will delight any child (and many adult doll or mermaid lovers, too).

• Dolls are available in 25cm and 33cm lengths with colourful bodies that glimmer with an iridescent sheen in true sea-like fashion, with flowers and ribbons to embellish their look.
• They have long, flowing wavy hair and flower bodices
• Each doll has a small loop so she can be hung as a wall decoration, on a doorknob, or on a hook
• Dolls are handmade from polyresin with a porcelain-like finish
• Choose from clamshell wings or butterfly wings in a variety of styles and colors, each one glimmering like the magnificent life under the sea
• Swishing mermaid tail has flexible wire built in so you can change her position
• Mermaid dolls come in a range of dazzling colours: Light Pink, Purple, Turquoise, and Lilac

These beautiful underwater mermaid sisters are part of the fairy realm and have something in common with fairies. Mermaids have a magical glittery sparkly mist that they will spray on you to grant you a wish. If you happen to be whale-watching or looking for dolphins and you catch a glimpse of a mermaid in the deep waters, it's a sign of good fortune.

• Bend their tails and sit them in a large shell
• Hang them from the ceiling so they look like they're in flight
• Group them on a shelf or chest
• String them with lights at a sea-themed event
• Surround them with shells you've gathered at the beach
• Pin them to a fairy costume or tuck them in your tote (In the 1920s, it was fashionable for grown women to carry fashion dolls with them to nightclubs!)

However you want to enjoy our beautiful mermaid dolls, they'll bring a smile to your face. If you need to match a room's decor, party theme or little girl's outfit, let us know and we'll suggest the right doll for you.

Send us an Instagram of how you're loving your magical mermaid dolls with their fairy or butterfly wings. We'd love to add your pictures to our collection!

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