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Most people are aware that pearls come from oysters, and it's very likely that the first pearl was discovered many thousands of years ago while someone was searching for food among the variety offered by the sea, but did you know that since the beginning of time pearls have been valued as being the most exquisite and magical of gems? Myriad references are made to the pearl throughout history, and numerous legends in mythology surround this lustrous gem.

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Unlike gemstones or precious metals, pearls are grown inside a living creature and need no mining, cutting, enhancement, or polishing to bring out their beauty. They're perfect as their found, even if imperfect in shape. Because they're an organic element, they can be found in a vast number of shapes and sizes that are unique and fascinating. There's no way to predict the color, shape or size of a pearl.
You'll find our pearls to have a beautiful luster by pearl standards, with a clean surface quality and lovely natural colors. We don't dye our pearls.
Here are some fun facts about pearls.
• In 1916, Jacques Cartier bought his flagship store on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue for two pearl necklaces.
• Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it on a bet that she could consume the wealth of a nation in one meal.
• During the Dark Ages, knights often wore pearls into battle believing they would provide protection from harm.
Cultured pearls from Fairy Magic
Pearls are often a symbol of wealth and social standing, and because of this, sea beds have been depleted over the years in the search for this valuable gem.
The pearls you'll find at Fairy Magic are selectively created and chosen for their warm glow and shimmering iridescence. Our cultured pearls are created in the exact manner as wild pearls, except that someone must implant the sand or irritant into the oyster rather than having it wander in on its own.
Our pearls come in a range of hues from creamy white, apricot, and petal pink/rose, to smoky grey and black. (Black pearls are not truly black but are generally blue, green, grey, deep purple or eggplant, or another dark colour. Green is the predominant colour of "black" pearls.
Our pearls shapes include:
Oval - These are narrow at the ends and wider in the middle, and are considered symmetrical.
Button - These are ovoid but flattened to some degree so they give the appearance of a small somewhat thick button that is symmetrical.
Round - Perfectly round pearls are extremely rare, and the majority of "round" pearls are off-round. These pearls appear round to the naked eye but are actually slightly oval or flattened. The shape does not affect the value or quality of the pearl
Baroque - Baroque pearls are not symmetrical in shape. They're irregular and can range from ovoid to lumpy, sometimes with depressions or flattened sides. They can take an abstract shape or can look like a stick pearl. The irritant, its location, and the way the oyster handles it will determine the pearl's color and shape.

Strands are similarly matched in size and shape and are sold by gram weight.
Sizes range from seed pearls to large Baroque pearls.
What you should know about your pearls
Fairy Magic pearls are genuine cultured pearls made by mollusks. They're not manmade and will have some variations among the strand.
Use them to make your own jewelry and give them the care they require. Pearls are soft and require gentle cleaning with a soft cloth, either dry or damp. Do not use detergent, bleach or chemicals, or anything abrasive to clean them.
Pearls will enhance the look of any fairy, princess, angel, or mermaid costume. Use them to create embellishments on clothing or costumes, make hair ornaments, bracelets, or the traditional necklace.
String them on thread that will not break and do not wear them in the shower or pool.
Taking care of your pearls will give you a lifetime of wear and enjoyment.

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