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Outrageously beautiful sequins always seem to have a way of making an outfit come alive with their sparkling light reflective qualities, but did you know that sequins were once used as coins? At Fairy Magic, we're full of all kinds of helpful information to get you into the right costume (the house fairies really know a lot, and what they don't know, they source from their connections in the realm beyond this place).

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The word "sequin" comes from the Arabic sikka which means "stamp" or "die" as in a minting die that makes coins. The Venetian zecchino was made of gold and the word was later changed by the French, who referred to the coins as sequins.
Sequin trivia
• These coins were stitched to the bodices and headdresses of costumes and to clothing as a way of displaying wealth. Gypsies and other nomads found this practice convenient since they literally carried everything they owned with them from place to place.
• Sequins (coins) were used to distract evil spirits and to deflect them from the wearer. The reflective light they emitted served as a reminder of the divine light (which was believed to only shine on the wealthy patrons of society).
• Leonardo da Vinci created a device in the 15th century that could punch these small coin shaped disks out of metal.
• Eighteen hundred years before da Vinci, King Tut was buried with gold sequins sewn to his garments as a symbol of his status and as an aid to his afterlife.
Fairy Magic has been making costumes for more than two decades. We have magnificent sequined and beaded collars, sequined bowties, glamorous sequined tops, dresses with sequined bodices, sequin jeweled crowns and wands, and more.
If you don't see what you want, just ask. We're here all year long. Let us guide you in choosing accessories and sizing costumes for your theme party, wedding, dance troupe, theater production, or gift giving. Magic wands and mermaid dolls make great favors for children's parties, and crowns are wonderful for weddings and dress-up. Use them in centerpieces or as table favors.
Here are some of our beautifully sequined offerings.
Sequin collar necklace
If you love the idea of adding drama to your costume, this collar is pure magic. Rows of sequins form a point at the bottom of the collar, and bead and sequin dangles give the piece movement. Round beads are used to create a central medallion at the front and each color necklace will have a different embellishment. Wear it with fairy, mermaid, witch, or angel costumes, or as an opulent accessory to a period costume.
Sequin armband
The sequin armband has all the luxurious appeal of real gemstones and is a smaller version of the Sequin Collar Necklace made to fit around the upper arm.
Jumbo red sequin clown bowtie
Clowns are supposed to draw the attention of the audience, and this over-sized face-framing bowtie will have everyone admiring your costume as well as your antics. Sequins are heat set onto a red glittery polyester fabric that serves as a wonderful background for the bowtie construction. Elastic back makes for a comfortable fit. 10cm x 25cm.
Loveheart magic wand and Fairy star magic wand
Wands are essential to all good witches and even to some fairies, angels, and mermaids. Both wands have a puffy shape that's covered in glittering sequins, with an open center that's ornamented with a lacy bead design and a central cabochon.
Sequin jewel crown
The sequin jewel crown comes in a variety of color combinations to please royal majesties of all ages. This is the type of crown worn by kings and queens upon their coronation, but we have crowns for princesses, too. This one is covered entirely with sequins with varying bead embellishments unique to each color combination.
At Fairy Magic, we take pride in our creations. Give us a Like, a Pin, or a Tweet. We love your Instagrams, too, and so do the house fairies.

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