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A tiara is generally smaller in size and lighter than a full crown. In classical antiquity, the crown that was awarded to anyone who wasn't a ruler, such as a highly accomplished warrior or athlete, was in the form of a wreath that was typically made of leaves or flowers. It could also be a diadem (brow band) or circlet of ribbons. Royal tiaras were more like majestic crowns, but with lesser regal embellishment and stood away from the head rather than lying flat around it.

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Fairy Magic has been in the business of making costumes, wings, and headgear for more than two decades, and we've mastered the art of making tiaras as we know them today, as well as those of old.
Our tiaras will please any princess, fairy, or dress-up girl. If you're just not sure which tiara will accessorize your costume best, tell us what you have in mind and let our friendly fairy staff guide you through the selections.
We can customize some colors, so if you need multiples for a theater production or dance troupe, or if you're looking for specific colors for a party theme or wedding, we can discuss optimizing our colors to get you what you need.
Here's a sample of what we have to offer.
Pearl flower tiara veil
This simple circlet layers round "pearl" beads in two diameters to create airy ovals that are alternated with cherry blossoms. The flowers have a cluster of pearl beads at their centers. An attached net veil at the back makes this a good choice for weddings, fairy costumes, or dress-up day at school.
Crystal cluster pearl tiara veil
The pearl bead arcs on this regal crown give it the majestic feeling of a royal coronation. Large crystalline teardrop-cut beads form flowers with pearl beads at their centers. The base is a circle of large pearl beads, and a shoulder length raw-edge net veil at the back falls from a satin ribbon bow.
Wire beaded tiara
The wire beaded tiara has five petal-shaped peaks and a circlet that sits comfortably on the head, all wrapped with metallic thread for the look of precious metal found in authentic regal crowns. Strands and dangles of sequins, round beads, seed beads, and teardrop beads embellish the petals giving the crown a fairytale-like appeal. Choose from silver/lilac, gold/amber, gold/silver, gold/pink, silver/dark pink, and silver/pale pink. Each tiara is handmade and will vary slightly by artist.
Pearl crystal heart tiara veil
The heart tiara is reminiscent of tiaras worn by princesses of old, when opulent gemstones adorned simple configurations that were designed to edify the beauty of Her Royal Highness rather than draw attention away from her. A large open heart at the center front has a crystalline teardrop bead dangling at the apex, and organza flowers with pearl centers alternate around the circlet. The raw-edge elbow-length veil at the back falls from a bow with a spray of pearl stems at each side.
Glitter butterfly headband
Headbands are often worn at weddings and for everyday dress-up, and butterflies work with just about any type of costume, especially fairies of all kinds. Each butterfly is made from hand dyed feathers to create their wings and glitter is used to embellish the body and highlight the wing veins and individual markings that make each butterfly unique. Choose from pink, green, blue, purple, or multicolored butterflies set on a plastic half band.
Make your own tiara, crown, or other headgear
You can create your own special tiara using our handmade glitter butterflies, glitter feather butterfly clips, decorative craft feather trim or feather fringe, rainbow bead sets, and cultured pearl strands.
Talk to us about custom orders for your dance troupe, wedding, theater production, theme party, or other costume event. We'd love to hear from you. Tell us what you're doing with costumes and accessories from Fairy Magic and send us an Instagrams so we can add it to our collection. Display us on your Pinterest pages, Tweet us to your kingdom, and give us a Like on Facebook.

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